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This time it’s for real!

October 19, 2010

It’s been 8 months since my last blog post, I’m embarrassed and I don’t really have a great excuse except I’m really busy (but who isn’t?!).  A good friend of my mine, Nicole R, has really inspired me to get back to the things I love, writing and photography, and this is my commitment to do it.

Well, in the last 8 months I have spent a week with my parents in Vegas, completed my first year in graduate school, worked in Shanghai & traveled China, visited my best friend in South Korea, started my final year as a master’s student at USC, started a new job, adopted an adorable kitten named Coraline, and, this weekend I am moving to Los Feliz with my serious (and absolutely amazing) boyfriend Chris. Not bad since March.

This semester has been crazy trying to balance work, school, friends, moving, Chris and Coraline. I am feeling great, however, and motivated to really define, seek out and allow the things I desire in my life. Besides exhaustion, I am excited to be taking the next step toward a future that is seemingly endless and fantastic. And I will blog more about it.


I have to get back to doing some work now and eat before finance class tonight, but I would like to end with a quote from Ester and Jerry Hicks- I received in my in box this morning and it helped me get out of bed:

“Start taking pleasure from your inner reality. Most people are approaching this backwards. Most people are saying, “Okay, I want that, and I am not fulfilled until I get that manifestation.” The reason for that promise of manifestation out there, to begin with, is that it gives you the reason to play the game in the inner reality. It is your imagination, it is the feeling of Energy flowing through you that is life.”— Abraham



Inspiring words to live by.  See you soon.


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