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Peace of Mind and Star Power

March 24, 2012

This past Tuesday I attended theFIX with Jasmine Star, a world renown wedding photographer based in Orange County, CA. theFix was a 12 stop tour about much more than the technical aspects photography; it was about building a business, confidence, following your passion and making friends the in the industry. The aura of the evening was open and trusting, as we were encouraged to ask questions about almost anything. It created an indescribable feeling of being surrounded by supportive friends even though most of the attendees where people whom I have never met.

theFIX detailed Jasmine’s life and her photography business with the interaction and participation of the crowd. Her road to photography stardom is what movies are made of: struggle, determination, dropping out of law school to pursue your dreams, family, friends, love and success. Jasmine’s down to earth personality and optimistic outlook on life is hard not to love, and by the end of the seminar I felt a refreshed sense of confidence, self-awareness and hope. Her message of with the right attitude the possibilities of life are endless (and it’s our choice to make it all happen) is a lesson that never gets old learning.

It’s a few days later and I am still feeling at peace with where I am in my career, photography, life, all of it and am excited to move forward. I understand that there is no better starting time then right now, and setting and achieving goals, no matter how big or small, are the key to feeling success.

So, my first photography goal comes as a recommendation of Jasmine, to make a list of goals for this year and my goal for life is to maintain this feeling of peace and positivity. And for tonight, it’s to work on my website!

theFix at the Silent Movie Theater

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  1. March 24, 2012 8:13 pm

    Great post today. I really enjoyed your photos very much. Thanks for sharing.

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